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About us

Glenvill Group is a highly accomplished, multifaceted property business with an unrivalled reputation for innovation.


Our Story

Our operations extend across Victoria and throughout South Eastern Queensland, and encompass all aspects of design, development and construction.

The Glenvill Group has grown—like any construction project—from the ground up, building a reputation for artistry, refined architectural design, progressive thinking and quality that is anything but ordinary.

Beginning more than six decades ago as Glenvill Homes, the company today encompasses three divisions: a major construction business specialising in large-scale medium density projects; a property development business delivering multi-residential and mixed use communities; and an expanded housing business offering high-end customised residences, affordable town homes, and house and land packages tailored to investors.

Along the way, we have built more than 10,000 homes, delivered more than 60 projects and developments, collaborated with some the of country’s most creative minds, and become Australia’s most awarded builder. Our people have always been the driving force behind that success, and we continually invest in the ongoing development of our team and the promotion of a work culture that attracts and nurtures outstanding talent.


Our Culture

We are three individual businesses driven by a common purpose and shaped by shared values. Progressive, empathetic and committed to excellence, we work as one to enrich people’s lives by delivering exceptional places to live. Our success is underpinned by creativity; our reputation built on unwavering integrity; and our status as an employer of choice, indicative of a highly professional workplace with a strong sense of fun.



We are a forward-looking business, concerned not with the prevailing norms but rather how things could be done in the future. Design… building products… the way we market our projects… how we empower our staff to thrive… we want to lead the industry, and stay ahead of the competition, in every way.


Glenvill Group may be a property business, but people are its heart and soul. Taking time to listen, reflect and look after the needs of each client, each supplier, each stakeholder and each other—this is what brings us together and brings out our best, as individuals and as a team.


A philosophy of excellence drives everything we do at Glenvill. We want to set a standard that’s outstanding; to be the best in every way, across every aspect of the business: from the homes we design, detail and deliver, to the workplace culture we create for our team, and the relationships we build with our customers, collaborators and suppliers.


It’s easy to follow in the footsteps of others, but accepting what everybody else does never leads to better outcomes. Glenvill’ success is built on creativity… problem solving in new ways, challenging norms with new thinking, generating new ideas. The journey is more demanding, but arriving at uniquely better solutions makes the effort worthwhile.


The Glenvill brand has endured longer than any other in the housing industry for many reasons, but our integrity is arguably the most significant. It is imperative upon every team member to be honest and fair in all dealings, and never compromise what is morally right for financial advantage.


Glenvill operates with the highest level of professionalism, but our workplace culture is anything but corporate. Fun is an essential element of who we are, and the vibe at our headquarters is closer in sensibility to a tech company than the buttoned-down cheerlessness of a traditional big business environment.

Our industry standing speaks for itself. No other brand has the longevity and enduring reputation for excellence that Glenvill enjoys.


Len Warson, Glenvill CEO

Although Len has a finance background, he is a creative at heart. His career started at Ernst and Young in a range of roles, culminating as the Supervisor of the Insolvency Division.

In 1984 Len made the shift to join his family’s homebuilding business, Glenvill, which was in a downturn at the time. In his capacity as General Manager, he went about overhauling everything from operations to sales, before being appointed as CEO. Under his strategic leadership, Glenvill was restructured, rebranded and grew to encompass multiple specialised, market-leading businesses within the newly formed Glenvill Group. Still taking a hands-on approach, Len puts his self-taught architect and interior designer skills to use, as well as acting as the Creative Director for the Group.

Daniel Robins, Group Financial Controller

Daniel is a Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) with more than 12 years of experience in the construction industry.

Daniel joined the group in 2010 and currently oversees all financial and tax issues for the Group including financial reporting and statutory compliance, he also plays a pivotal role in the strategic direction of the Group. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Accounting and is undertaking a Master of Business Administration.

Leigh Squarci, Managing Director – Housing

Leigh joined Glenvill in 2018 bringing his diverse experience and management skills to head our Retail and Wholesale businesses. Prior to this, he worked with a range of companies, from startups to some of Australia’s largest builders, leading teams and delivering successful outcomes nationally.

Matt Rice, Managing Director – Projects

Matt has been in the building industry for over 25 years. A true industry professional and qualified builder, Matt leads a dedicated team to deliver projects of distinction.

As the go to builder for developers, Matt ensures that each project is delivered to exceeding quality and craftmanship. With a strong focus on collaboration and partnerships that deliver value and innovations, Matt fosters long standing relationships with clients and the team.

Zak Stockley, Development Director

Zak commenced with Glenvill in 2016 and now leads the Development business for the Glenvill Group.

Zak is responsible for the successful delivery of all projects, as well as Glenvill’s growth & recognition as an innovative market leader in residential development. Prior to joining Glenvill, Zak had wide-ranging experience in project delivery, corporate strategy and capital investment in a variety of roles with Lendlease nationally.
Zak holds a Bachelor of Property and Sustainable Development from Bond University, and is undertaking a Master of Finance at University of Technology, Sydney.



Creating housing has been our passion for more than six decades. It’s also been the focus of our philanthropic initiatives, and we take great pride in helping organisations tackle the issue of homelessness, here and abroad.

The help we provide typically takes the form of financial support, to give people in need the safe haven and certainty that is missing from their lives. In the case of Lighthouse Foundation, Glenvill CEO, Len Warson, wanted to make a more far-reaching contribution, and in 2021 accepted the position of Lighthouse Foundation Chairman.

Established in 1991, the foundation provides homes and therapeutic care to children and young people impacted by long-term neglect, abuse and homelessness. By creating a caring community, the organisation gives homeless kids and foster families a place to belong, heal and thrive.

As Chairman, Len’s ambition is to help the organisation do more than provide additional support for vulnerable kids; he wants to change the way the problem is viewed, and eliminate it altogether.



Our greatest contribution to the environment comes not from meeting industry standards, but determining how best to surpass them.

Continual innovation in the area of sustainability across our three businesses underscores the advantage of their complementary expertise.

Designing, constructing and delivering in the now, but focused on the next, we are able to trial and refine new technologies, materials, processes and practices, then implement them across the group where applicable.

No idea is too small, nor too ambitious; whether we progress in tiny steps, or profound leaps, every home, every development, every project we undertake contributes to a cleaner, greener future for all.

  • Environment-friendly
  • Recycled materials
  • EnviroDevelopment rating
  • Solar Panels
  • Water tanks systems