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March 7, 2017

A new reality

Embracing the latest in computer-aided technologies, Glenvill are now using 3D modelling, augmented and virtual reality to provide customers with an incredible, future-forward experience.

Glenvill Homes are currently working with Matterport’s 3D Showcase technology to provide customers with an interactive 3D model that can be viewed via smart phone, laptop or VR headset. This technology allows customers to engage in an immersive experience that is more than just a virtual tour as customers are able to step inside, look around and walk through a property as if they were really there. Our three largest display homes Jardin, Belvedere and Moda are all currently using this technology, with virtual reality models available to all customers on our website. Take a look inside our Moda Display Home here, the result is pretty amazing!

Aplace by Glenvill have also engaged a similar technology, working with VASTView Studios who are one of Australia’s leaders in the field of augmented reality. VASTView Studios have developed the world’s first integrated 3D visualisation solution, allowing customers to perform customisable, realistic, 3D, interactive, walk-through. In the new age of off-plan marketing, this investment will allow us to engage our buyers in Victoria, Queensland and overseas with a true virtual display experience.

Our interiors department are also using the latest in 3D modelling, building 3d models to show customers exactly what their interior space will look like down to the smallest of details. Glenvill interiors can draw up an interior space in 3D and add furniture to scale to show the flow of the space, allowing customers to visualise and adapt the space before it appears in real life.

Underpinned by a business culture that is ‘never ordinary’ we are excited to embrace new technologies.